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Q. How do I play AQDragons?

Each dragon comes from their own egg. You simply tap the egg. Each tap will give you gems that are specific to that egg/dragon. Use the gems to buy your egg/dragon Upgrades that help it gather gems faster and faster.  The more you tap and the more Upgrades that you get, the faster your egg/dragon will earn more gems! Most Upgrades have Special Upgrades that help that upgrade earn more or even double the amount of gems earned from that Upgrade. Gather or purchase Dragon Keys to unlock new eggs and hatch new dragons, each with their own theme and story. Each dragon’s gems add to your Total Gems Per Second!

You can also earn an amount of gems each time you watch a sponsored video. Tap the “Watch a Video” option in the Options menu found in the upper right hand corner of the game.

Q. What are Upgrades?

Each dragon has a ton of Upgrades that are unique to that dragon. Use that dragon’s gems to purchase these upgrades and help it earn more on its own, make each tap of the gem worth more or even to earn gems while you’re offline.

Q. What are Special Upgrades?

Many Upgrades have Special Upgrades that can power up that Upgrade. Some add more gems per second for each instance of a purchased upgrade and some even DOUBLE the gems per second being generated by that upgrade. For example: If you purchase 3 of Drakenor’s “Quest For Coins” upgrades (each worth 3 gems per second) then Drakenor will be earning 9 gems per second. If you purchase “Quest For Coins” Special Upgrade called “Coin Polish” it will add a X2 upgrade to each “Quest for Coins” that you have purchased, so Drakenor will then be earning 18 gems per second. Most Special Upgrades can be purchased with gems but some very powerful Special Upgrades can only be purchased with Dragon keys.

Q. How do I get more Dragons?

There are 12 dragons to unlock in AdventureQuest Dragons, each with their own unique theme and story. Each new dragon must be unlocked with Dragon Keys.

Q. How do I get Dragon Keys?

There are several ways to obtain Dragon Keys:

  1. Each adult dragon has a Dragon Key Upgrade. Once you unlock this Upgrade, several Dragon Keys will be added to your total to help you unlock the next dragon egg.
  2. You can earn 1 free Dragon Keys PER DAY by watching a sponsored video. Tap the “Watch a Video” option in the Options Menu in the upper right hand of the game. You may not get the free Dragon Key on the first viewing so keep watching. (Watching videos will also earn you free gems for the dragon that you are currently playing!)
  3. You may purchase a pack of Dragon keys using the “Buy Dragon Keys” button in the Options menu found in the upper right corner of the game.

Q. How do I find the other Dragons and Eggs?

You can tap the Dragons Menu (the Egg icon) in the lower far left of the game. This will bring up the menu of all the dragons. Tap the dragon you wish to view.

Q. How do the Leaderboards work?

There are two leaderboards, World and Friends. Your rank in each leaderboard is determined by your Total Gems Per Second across all of your dragons. You MUST be connected to Facebook (coming soon!) in order to have your rank displayed on either leaderboard. Only other Facebook friends playing AdventureQuest Dragons will appear on your Friends leaderboard.

Q. How does Offline Gem Production work?

Offline Gem Production is an upgrade that you can purchase that allows the specific Dragon you are playing to earn a percentage of their Gems for up to six hours while you are offline and not actively playing the game. The more you upgrade it, the more you will earn.

Q. How do I use the Achievements Tab?

The Achievements Tab shows you how many Upgrades and Special Upgrades you have unlocked on that particular dragon so far. Use the Stats button to view your current dragon’s stats like how many times you have clicked or how long you have played.

Q. How do get the Cookie Dragon, Krumblor?

All you have to is invite 5 friends to play AdventureQuest Dragons! Once you receive your friend code, which you receive when the game loads or you can go to options under Invite Your Friends, simply share your friend code with 5 Facebook friends or choose one of the other ways you can share your code and then you will be eligible to receive Krumblor!

Q. Can I mute the sound?

Yes, you can use the Sound Effects button to turn sounds On/Off. The Sound Effects button can be found in the Options menu in the upper right hand corner of the game.

Q. How do I reset my Game Data?

If you have completed the game and wish to play through it again, you can reset your data using the “RESET Game Data” button found in the Options menu in the upper right hand corner of the game.

Q. Do I have to create an AdventureQuest Worlds, Artix Account or Original AdventureQuest account to play AdventureQuest Dragons?

All you need is an iOS (Apple - iPhone/iPod/iPad) device, an Android device or you can play through Facebook (coming soon!) You currently don't need any other account to play.

Q. Are you going to release new content?

We would love to be able to continue to release new content for AQDragons! We are always working on any bugs/technical issues that affect gameplay. If you would like to help support AQDragons, you can purchase our Founder package and Dragon Keys to continue to support the production of the game.

Device Questions

Device information, compatibility and more.

Q. What devices can I play AQDragons on?

AQDragons is currently playable on iOS (Apple devices such as iPhone/iPad/iPod) and Android devices. We are planning on developing a Web/Facebook version soon.

Q. I'm trying to use an older iOS (Apple) device or an older Android device and the game isn't working!

You must upgrade to iOS 7 or higher or Android 4 or higher to play AQDragons. If you do not have an iOS/Android capable device, AQDragons will not work properly.

Q. How do I make sure my progress is saved to my device?

We can only save locally to your iOS/Android device. This means if you have to uninstall/reinstall the game or have some other kind of game issue, your progress may be lost.

Q. Will AQDragons be playable on Facebook/Web?

We are considering making a Facebook/Web version, keep checking our site for updates!

Payment/Code Information

Payment Questions, Code Info and more.

Q. How much does AQDragons cost?

AQDragons is free to play! Simply download the app and you are ready to play! If you would like to support the game and upgrade your Dragons faster, we do offer Dragon Keys packages including a Founder Package which is available for a limited time.

Q. What do the Dragon Keys Packages come with?

You can purchase 30 Dragon Keys for $1.99, 80 Dragon Keys for $4.99 or 220 Dragon Keys for $9.99 which is also the Founder Package that comes with the Flame Dragon Warrior bonus for our browser based game AdventureQuest Worlds at!

Q. What does the Founder Package come with?

The Founder Package comes with 220 Dragon Keys and the Flame Dragon Warrior bonus for AdventureQuest Worlds! The Flame Dragon Warrior Package comes with a class, weapons, helm and back items. This is all listed one you go to the game and click Buy Keys at the top right Options menu.

Q. How do I buy Dragon Keys for AQDragons?

Click on the Options menu at the top right of your screen, choose Buy Keys, choose the package you would like, then you will be directed to use your Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook account (coming soon!) All payments are made via Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook, so if you do have any payment issues such as not receiving your purchase, please contact Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook directly. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook regarding in-app purchases:

  1. Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
  2. GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
  3. Facebook - Facebook Game Payments

Q. I didn't receive my Dragon Keys (and Founder Package if also purchased), what do I do?

If you purchased a Dragon Key package (with or without Founder), first close and reopen your game to see if you see them. If you did purchase the Founder Package, you can go to the Options Menu and click Restore Purchases, but you cannot do this for a regular Dragon Keys Package. If this doesn't work, we may not have received your payment yet for some reason. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook (coming soon!) regarding in-app purchases:

  1. Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
  2. GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
  3. Facebook - Facebook Game Payments

Q. I don't want to purchase any Dragon Keys/or want anyone else to purchase Dragon Keys for AQDragons. How do I prevent this from happening?

If you would like to disable in-app purchases for your Android devices, here is how:

  1. Open the GooglePlay Store App.
  2. Touch the Play Store icon under Settings.
  3. Under "User Controls" touch Require password for purchases.
  4. Choose a password setting - either for all purchaes, every 30 minutes or never. If you use the every 30 minutes setting, you can review your password settings by selecting the Change Settings link that displays after you have made a purchase.
  5. Type your password.

If you would like to disable in-app purchases for your iOS devices, here is how:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Restrictions.
  4. Choose to disable in-app purchases.

Q. Can I buy the Dragon Keys Founder package more than once?

You can only purchase the actual Founder items once per AdventureQuest Worlds account. You can purchase Founder for more than one AQWorlds account if you use more than one Google or Apple account. Once you purchase Founder for one Google/Apple account, the Founder option will be removed, but you can always purchase more Dragon Keys if you like.

Q. I have duplicate/unauthorized/fraudulent payments, I need a refund or I have a payment issue, what do I do?

We do not process any payments, they are all processed by Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook (coming soon!) Please contact Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook directly if you do have any kind of payment issue or need a refund. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook (coming soon!) regarding in-app purchases:

  1. Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
  2. GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
  3. Facebook - Facebook Game Payments

Q. How do I link AQDragons to my AdventureQuest Worlds account to get my Founder Flame Dragon Warrior Items?

To get your Founder Flame Dragon Warrior items in AQWorlds, you must link your AQDragons game to your AQWorlds account:

  1. Go to the map screen.
  2. Tap the Options Icon (far right) on the bottom navigation bar.
  3. Tap Upgrade.
  4. Tap the Link Your Account.
  5. Enter your AQW Login and Password.
  6. Log into AdventureQuest Worlds.
  7. Open your character's Book of Lore.
  8. Open the Badges Section.
  9. Open the Other Section.
  10. Find and click on your AQDragons badge.

Q. Can I link a AQDragons Founder Account to more than one AQWorlds account?

For security reasons, you are only able to link ONE (1) AdventureQuest Worlds account to your AdventureQuest Dragons account. This is permanent. Once this is done, you cannot link or unlink.

Q. How do I receive the Flame Draconian character in OverSoul once I have purchased the Founder package?

Once you have purchased the Founder package, please make sure you have your AdventureQuest Worlds account and OverSoul account linked to the same Artix Account via our Portal Site. When you link your AQWorlds account with your AQDragons account to get the Flame Dragon Warrior items, you will automatically receive the Flame Draconian character in OverSoul as well.

Q. How do I redeem a calendar code if I have an Android device?

You can redeem a code using the “Redeem Code” button in the Options menu in the upper right hand corner of the game. A code for free Dragon Keys can be found in the Artix Entertainment 2015 Calendar on sale at We sincerely apologize that the Redeem Code functionality is not available for AdventureQuest Dragons on Apple iOS devices. We had no choice but to remove it in order for the app to be approved. The AQDragons team is currently working on finding an alternative way of implementing this feature. Please check the website for news & updates. The redeem code feature is currently working on the Android version and will also work on the upcoming web version.

Q. How do I redeem a friend code?

You can redeem your friend code by going into the game where the sharing stuff is at the bottom and there is a panel to redeem your friend code. You can only redeem one friend code.

Q. Can I use Artix Points to purchase Dragon Keys for AQDragons?

We're sorry, but this option is not available. Dragon Keys must be purchased through your respective mobile store, as with most other mobile games.

Q. I received an error when I attempted to link my AQDragons Founder account to my AQWorlds account!

This may occur if your AQWorlds account name and password are entering incorrectly. If you need your account information sent to you, please go to and click Forgot Password. This can also happen when you have a password with symbols, we suggest changing your password to only contain letters and numbers and after you link you can change your password again. You can always login to the AQWorlds Account Manager to verify or change your password. If you are entering the correct AQWorlds account name and password, it is possible that your Founder package purchase cannot be validated for some reason, such as we did not receive the payment. Here is how to contact Apple, GooglePlay or Facebook regarding in-app purchases:

  1. Apple - iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases
  2. GooglePlay - Apps with in-app purchases
  3. Facebook - Facebook Game Payments

Q. I purchased Dragon Keys and had to so a fresh install because I got a new phone, reformatted my phone, the game was corrupted, wanted to start over, etc, how do I get them back?

Your Dragon Keys can only be restored if you purchased the Founder Package with 200 Dragon Keys for $9.95. The $1.99 and $4.99 packages are only for Dragon Keys are are consumable packages, so once you have spent those Keys, you cannot get them back. You can choose to restore your purchase and then you will receive your 220 Dragon Keys back from your Founder Package. Please note, this is only if you had to do a FRESH INSTALL due to one of the issues above, not if you have an existing game that you are still playing.

Reporting Bugs

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Q. Where can I report bugs/glitches/etc?

If you come across a bug/glitch, etc. while playing AQDragons, please report it via our Bug Hunter System.

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